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Baby Daisy is here

Last month we welcomed our second little miracle into the world, Daisy Quinn. I have still been pottering away with work though not much in the studio anymore, mostly at the kitchen table. You will see there are a few pieces left in the shop with many more to be added in the next coming months. You will also see i have added a preorder option to make it a little more streamlined while i am balancing delicious newborn life and also my passion and need to create. Please feel free to get in touch if there are any pieces you would like to order or even if you have something in mind you would like made up.

I am still also working on wholesale orders as well and i am open to new stockist if the fit is right. Wishing everyone a happy and end to 2020.

May the sun be on your face, wind at your back, salt in your hair and dirt at your feet.

xx Jamie

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