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Hi! Its been a while...

Hello from the paper road! So i just realised its been about a year since i wrote the last little update on here and that pretty much sums up the year in itself. I am on my little summer break now, my hands are well moisturised and nails are free from clay for once ha! It has been a full on year of juggling new baby and new business, i have felt like i have been rushing and juggling all year long. I am a super efficient person, like that is my super power. I find ways to do things fast and i crank out what ever it is that needs to be done in the most productive way possible.

I'm no where near an A type though so not sure where this comes from but anyway i will now be spending undistracted time with my girls and my garden and enjoying these beautiful golden hour walks up the paper road for the next two months. On the cards next year: We are in the planning stages of renovating the other half of my studio, buying in a kiln, slab roller, extruder and all the other bits and bobs to make a truly epic clay space for all to enjoy. i cant wait to share with you the developments early next year. But in the mean time i hope everyone really enjoys the summer break. we all 100% deserve some joy and sun and nature right now. Talk soon Jamie x

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