Djuna Candle 4 | Caramel & Vanilla

Djuna Candle 4 | Caramel & Vanilla


A beautiful collaboration with the talented Renee from Gold Collective, together we created the Djuna (pronounced "Jew-naa" meaning 'the light of the moon) candle collection.


We are so excited to present this collection of particularly unique and alluring candles.


Crafted completely by hand and heart from start to finish, from us to you. 

I designed and formed these vessels using a textured speckle clay and finished them with a white gloss glaze, creating an earthy rustic feel. 

Gold Collective then did what she does best, blending the finest natural  ingredients with the most beautiful dried florals and crystals to create something really special just for you. 

Each is a unique creation and no two are exactly the same due to their handcrafted nature.

We believe this is part of the beauty and adds to the appreciation of their individuality.

Each vessel will vary slightly in its own unique way.


Crafted in limited numbers and small batches, with premium natural coconut wax blend that is palm oil and petroleum free, free of genetically modified materials and is bio-degradable.

Gold Collectives high quality fragrance and essential oil blends are free of phthalates, paraffins, petro chemicals and UV inhibitors.


This beautiful candle is set in Caramel & Vanilla fragrance, and features white & cream botanicals, Opalite and Clear Quartz gemstones, and our elegant spiral wood wick at its heart.


All our candles are vegan and animal cruelty free.


All our crystals are ethically sourced, from the source and through the supply chain.


•Approximately 22-25 hours burn time.



Length approximately 148mm, 

Width approximately 185mm, 

Height approximately 55mm.


Keep wick free of debris. 

Trim wick before each light.


Fragrance deets/notes:


Caramel + Vanilla

The decadent aroma of sweet mouth-watering gooey caramel complemented with a gorgeously rich, traditional simple vanilla. A perfectly balanced, heavy, delicious fragrance. Need we say more? Delicious! 


Head/Top Notes: Sea salt, creamed butter, Ylang ylang

Heart/Middle Notes: Caramel, toffee, French vanilla, tonka, milk

Dry/Base Notes: Vanilla, maple, condensed milk, sandalwood, white musk


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